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Street Rods & Exotic Cars

{Wait for the "thumbnail" pictures to display in the gallery below, then click any image for a LARGER view}
       We are very lucky to attend a great many auto industry events. From "local" car club activities to auto manufacturer press introductions, If you love cars... being "the photographer" provides great access to the newest, oldest, fastest, slowest, cheapest, most expensive things "on wheels". This page contains images from various automotive industry shows, "rod runs", Concourse d'Elegance and various press/media events. The images on these pages are rotated on a random schedule. We can't decide which which ones we like best either.
     Because of the high picture count, load times my be slow for dial-up modem users. For that reason, these "bulk display" pages are built with minimal graphics or HTML design elements. We reserve the right to remove, alter, or delete any page in this area, at any time, without prior notice.
    All images are Copyright No "right click" function is available on these pages. Unfortunately all images are logo-spashed as a legal requirement.

       Aston Martin and Audi to Triumph, Vector (nice name), Wankel, Xenon, Yugo and Zepher... we love them all. You don't need a press pass and camera to see great cars, just enthusiasm. Look for the "car clubs" in your area. The street rods are at the regional National Street Rod Association ( NSRA )shows. You'll find a local Corvette, Porsche, Viper, BMW and/or Mazda Miata club, if you'll just ask around. Every major city in the world is visited by the "New Car Auto Show". The car makers display many of the prototypes and design studies in these traveling shows first.
       We hope you enjoy this photo gallery of images.

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